Sunday, October 28, 2012


To my fellow men in Hillsdale County, Michigan:
This is an open letter to seek help… I hope to appeal to your admiration for the women in your life.  I am not a great writer of the persuasive letter, I believe I have a better than average command of English and I’ve just got to give this my best shot.  I became aware, during the last Hillsdale County Fair, that DOMESTIC HARMONY of Hillsdale County had lost a portion of their funding from the United Way; I don’t know how or why this has happened, and frankly, I DON’T CARE.  ANY organization that helps keep women safe needs support, and I think it is far time I, myself, was more part of the solution, than part of the problem.  Because when you or I DO NOT SUPPORT a good idea, we are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
AD.MIRE (verb) - To regard someone with respect or warm approval.    A verb is an ACTION word.  I have great admiration for the women in my life.  Mom and mother -in- law, sister and sisters-in-law, wife, daughters, grandmas, aunts, nieces, cousins, dear friends.  And I have come to believe that I should do whatever is within my power to honor them, so here’s my idea… I think that if I create a list of the five or ten or twenty women I admire the most and donate $3.50 a month to DOMESTIC HARMONY and COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY’S OPPORTUNITY HOUSE in honor of each of them, for nine months (the length of time most of us used our mothers bladder as a pillow), and if my band of brothers in Hillsdale County, Michigan did the same, DOMESTIC HARMONY and COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY’S OPPORTUNITY HOUSE could provide much needed help to women and children facing life challenges due to abusive situations.  No real man wants any woman to be afraid to be at home, or to be home and fear for herself and her children.
A real man helps protect women and children. Let’s all band together to honor the women of Hillsdale County, Michigan by helping the women and children of Hillsdale County, Michigan who need the most help.  Make your admiration list. And please, in honor of those you admire, support DOMESTIC HARMONY OF HILLSDALE COUNTY and COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY’S OPPORTUNITY HOUSE.

Thank You for your time. Post this message EVERYWHERE. On FB, MS, Twitter, Craigslist,, and direct your friends to it.

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