Tuesday, September 18, 2012


First, let me just say what an awful example of cinematography this piece is - I can't even bring myself to call it a film.  Content notwithstanding - IT IS HORRIBLE.  I have to take my own damn self out to dinner and a movie (something funny, but mildly romantic)  AND send myself flowers, to apologize TO MY SELF for subjecting myself to that kind of abuse. That is 14 minutes of my life I will never get back!

Next, I want to say that I have read the Qu'ran (Abdullah Yusuf Ali version) all 114 suras, as well as the Sacred Hadith of Islam, and while the portrayal of things as done by these "actors" is horribly offensive, and accounts for a mere fraction of the content overall, some of the things in this terrible piece of fiction are true. Perhaps, rather than get upset enough to set fires, attack embassies and kill people, a better use of time could be a rebuttal using the Jewish and Christian Bibles, showing some of the less than stellar executive decisions made in those "Holy Books" by those "Holy Men".... let me assure you, there are a few of them!

I can say with conviction that I would never have watched this STUPID video, if a few PSYCHOS
WHO INSIST THEY ARE GOOD MUSLIMS hadn't drawn so much attention to it via violence  - so, thank you EXTREMIST MUSLIMS ! Burning schise up or Blowing schise up... You nutters  can't find anything better to do ? If you found this video so offensive that you have to MURDER persons who have had nothing to do with the creation of this "piece of cinema" , Why not get creative in your retaliation? You're offended that Islam is presented in this horrble, violent way?  So, you blow some schise up!  YEP. That sends a message.   Unfortunately, it doesn't send a nice, peaceful message.  And then, your actions are all over the news, this YouTube video goes viral, now I HAVE TO LOOK IT UP TO STAY WELL INFORMED ON WHAT SOME EXTREMIST MUTHANUTTERS ARE DOING TO MY ADOPTED HOME PLANET NOW !!!!
Your plan of retaliation should have been a little more thought out, don'tcha think? Yep, if you EXTREMIST IDIOTS had the brains Allah gave the LEAST of Humanity, you'd be kickin' yourselves, wouldn't you?

Since I'm a magnanimous Christian, I'd be happy to kick your ASSES - all of you EXTERMIST IDIOTS as well as the Schise Bags who thought it was a great idea to film this piece of fecal matter called "Innocence of Muslims".

Personally, South Park offends me with their portrayal of my FAVORITE Islamic prophet/saint MAR ISA IBN MARYAM - Yet somehow, I manage to get thru my day without blowing up schise that has to do with South Park.  Hey, as AHL AL KITAB, might I suggest that you give that a try - the whole "not burning down, blowing up, killing people, or attacking embassies" thing. See how that works for you. You never know, it might be a good thing. Or you could try praying.




(this blog post was produced with much thanks to my beloved, M)

Friday, September 7, 2012


Welcome to the Darktator Discourses.  Today I will be speaking to you about the upcoming election for Sheriff of Hillsdale County Michigan.  Our current Sheriff, Mr. Stan Burchardt, has been in this position for 187 months – since January 1997.  He recently announced his plans to retire – so if you plan to vote for Mr. Burchardt in November you really should ask yourself for whom you would actually be casting your ballot.  According to data published by the Michigan State Police, the crime rates for Hillsdale County went up nearly 150% between 2004 and 2009; in my opinion, this is an unacceptable figure.

Elected officials need to be replaced on a regular basis – if that were not the case, there would not be any need to hold elections.  It is time for a new perspective in Hillsdale County – and it is time to elect a new Sheriff.  There are term limits on the office of the President, and there should be term limits on every elected position.  Otherwise, people get too comfortable in their positions of power, and as the saying goes – power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

How do we keep the officials elected to positions of power from becoming corrupt?  By replacing them at regular intervals and requiring them to go back to the communities they served and live under the same rules as the rest of us!

A very good friend of mine, Mr. Jon-Paul Rutan, has thrown his hat into the ring to be considered by the citizens of Hillsdale County for the elected position of Sheriff.  Jon is the most principled man I have ever met – truly a man of honor.  He refused to accept any campaign contributions in his bid for Sheriff because he refused to be beholden to anyone if he were elected.  How many elected officials can you think of who can honestly say they are not beholden to any special interest groups or any individuals?  None – all of our elected officials have campaign funds, which they use to get their name out there.  Now, I agree that getting your name out there is an important part of getting elected – it’s all in how you do it that determines your character.  Do you buy a truckload of signs and plaster them all over – whether or not you have gotten permission to do so?  Or do you show what you stand for in how you live your life, and stick to your principles no matter how unpopular that may be?  What is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular.  Jon-Paul Rutan chooses to err on the side of what is right, rather than on what is popular, as a man of honor would.

The primary election held this past August 7th had a voter turnout of just over 20% of the registered voters in Hillsdale County.  Twenty percent of the registered voters got out to the polls and cast their ballot – which means nearly eighty percent did not.  Mr. Stan Burchardt received 59% of the votes cast, which translates to just 11% of the registered voters in the county.  Yes, you heard that correctly – eleven percent of the registered voters in Hillsdale County have essentially re-elected Mr. Stan Burchardt (or whomever he chooses as his successor after he retires) to be the Sheriff for another 4 years.  That means that 89% of the people of Hillsdale County did NOT vote for Mr. Stan Burchardt – and I for one am not satisfied with the Sheriff’s office being led by a person with so little support from his community.  Are you?

I plan to cast my ballot for Jon-Paul Rutan in November, and I suggest you do the same.  It’s very simple to do – when you go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6th 2012, write in Jon-Paul Rutan under the Sheriff section, and fill in the circle that corresponds to his name.  Hillsdale County needs a principled, honorable man of integrity as our Sheriff, and Jon-Paul Rutan is that man!

Thank you for your time.  Feel free to share and follow this blog!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



This news article had me chokin' up like I was back in Camp Killsumwon, and we were having Government Peanut Butter and Block Cheese Sandwiches for dinner !!! Huh? What do ya mean? WHAT TEARS???!!??  I can't explain the tears... (Like I owe anyone an explanation... You ain't my probation officer!)  All seriousness aside, This is how you can rest assured that the world DOES NOT TOTALLY SUCK! Because there are people like Abbie Jacobson in the world...and parents like her parents!


Abbie, hope you enjoyed the JB concert!


Monday, September 3, 2012


Hi!   I am going to use this as a vehicle to share my thoughts, feelings .... You know,  to whine and moan and generally RANT about crap!  I hope I move you just a little bit, but if I don't, well,  that will just kind of bite!
I will be discussing the Criminal Justice System, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Satan, Thieves, Religion and Spirituality, Alternative Health, and a lot of other stuff! I'll amend this as I become much more eloquent and a lot less scatter-brained!